Anti-Bullying in Aussie Schools

Reinventing the wheel versus social engineering

No person, especially a child, should ever be bullied, full stop. Not for any reason, anywhere or any time, be it at school, at play, sport or in any other environment. Bullying of any nature is abhorrent and needs to be treated as such, especially (but not exclusively) in schools. One particularly cruel form of bullying is that which targets an individual on the basis of such things as ethnicity, skin or hair colour, accent or language, religion, culture, gender, body weight, sporting ability or sexual orientation.
Recently I posted in social media, supporting the Greens’ policy on asylum seekers. Notwithstanding my statement that, for the purpose of this Australian Federal Election, I have  set aside some deeply held objections to several Greens policies, I have been questioned, in particular, regarding the Safer Schools Coalition (SSC) “Safe Schools” programme: an initiative that purports to be about bullying in schools.

A little backstory

I was bullied at school. Partly due to this and despite a very supportive family, I “fell out of my tree” (in a BIG way) in my early teens. That period appears truly tragic to me now, as a parent and I can only imagine the grief and anxiety my own parents felt, but somehow managed to keep under control. It took me many years to get past the self-loathing, the substance abuse, the constant running away from myself and trying way too hard to be cool and accepted. I do not doubt that it is a miracle I am even here to bore you. I am also a father of three children, two of whom were also bullied at school, with some very nasty results in one case. So I feel qualified to hold an opinion on bullying, what we are doing to prevent it and what we are doing to help the victims put themselves back together.

What is not an anti-bullying programme?

I have stated in the past that I completely oppose the Safe Schools Coalition programme, which masquerades as an anti-bullying initiative and I have posted a video that shows irrefutably, that it was never intended to be about bullying and is nothing but an LGBTI social engineering process, targeting the grassroots of society, i.e. children.
I am aware that a huge number of people (who have not examined the programme) are unaware that the SSC programme is not an anti-bullying initiative. I frequently get attacked for saying this despite the authors saying it themselves. So I searched the SSC’s website, for terms such as “nerd”, “name calling”, “religion”, “skin colour”, “fat” and “ethnicity”: terms that relate to bullying in general. This first pic (below) shows my search results with no surprises – zero hits.
SSC Compiled
Searching for “hair” yielded a single hit (below) – a single reference in a list at the end of a solitary article about sexual identity. Likewise, a search for “skin” (minus “colour”) yielded a couple of hits, both of which had nothing to do with bullying due to skin colour or ethnicity.
SSC Compiled2

What is an anti-bullying programme?

Next, I searched the web for a genuine ANTI-BULLYING PROGRAMME for Aussie schools and guess what? There is a perfectly good one. Look at the following sites and ask yourself why anyone would think we needed the SSC – it has been covered more than adequately. If you want to see what a real anti-bullying programme really looks like, here you go.
Well designed, evidence-based, with the broad brush approach that includes all kinds of bullying, including that on the basis of sexual identity or preference (or whatever the “PC” word happens to be this week). I would challenge anyone doubting what I have said here to visit , then visit and compare for yourself. You will see the SSC for what they really are, apologists for a small minority* of the student body who are using taxpayer dollars to push their agenda extremely hard while completely ignoring the far vast majority of bullied kids.
So why reinvent the wheel? Why lie about what you really want to do in Australia’s schools? Why not adopt the very much more comprehensive Safe Schools Hub programme so that we can really get to grips with the underlying issue, that of bullying.

*Note: The SSC has been quoted in the Melbourne Age, as claiming that 15.7% of Australian Students are LGBTI. The Australian Human Rights Commission, however, states that “Australians of diverse sexual orientation, sex or gender identity may account for up to 11 percent of the [total] Australian population.”[1] 

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